Richter: How do you find the defendant?
Jurymitglied: He's guilty of mayhem, exposure indecent.
Mann 1: Freaked out behaviour both chronic and recent.
Jury: Drinking and driving, narcotic possession.
Mann 2: And that's just page one of his ten page confession!
Richter: I should put you away where you can't kill or maim us
But this is LA and you're rich and famous!

Krimineller: I'm checking in.
Alle: He's checking in.
Krimineller: I'm checking in
Alle: Checking Checking In
Krimineller: No more pills or alcohol
No more pot or Demorol
No more stinking fun at all
I'm checking in.
Alle: He's checking in, He's checking in.
Arzt: No more looking pale and thin
No more bugs beneath your skin.
Krimineller: Hey, that's just my aspirin.
Alle: Check it out, you're checking in!

Homer und New York

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