Homer : Who can take your trash out?
Stomp it down for you?
Shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingy-doo?
The Garbage Man!
Müllmänner: Yes the Garbage Man Can!

Homer & Müllmänner: The Garbage Man can
And he does it with a smile
And never judges you.

Marge : Who can take this diaper?
Müllmann: I don't mind at all!
Chief Wiggum: Who can clean me up before the big policeman's ball?
The Garbage Maaaaan!
Müllmänner: Yes the Garbage Man can.

U2: The sanitation folks
Are jolly friendly blokes.
Courteous and easy-going
The Edge: They'll mop up when you're oh-
U2 & Müllmänner: -ver flowin'!
Bono : And tell you when your arse is showing'!

Apu : Who can?
Sideshow Mel : Who can?
Ned Flanders : Who can?
Oscar : Who can?
Alle : The Garbage Man can!
Bart & Lisa : Coz he's Homer Simpson, man!
Alle : He cleans the world....for....you!

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