Lisa: You like musicals don't you dad?
Homer: No, I don't, I think they're bad.
They're fake and phony and totally wrong.
Bart: Wake up dad, you're singing a song.
Homer: I wouldn't, I couldn't, I hate that stuff.
Marge: Now Homer, listen, I've had enough.
In our family videos we have clearly seen
you're a singing, dancing, entertainment machine.

Bart: Mom was right, your singing's a sin.
You're as les misérable as Lee Marvin.
Marge: Sure your dad's singing could make your hair curl
but you too Bart have sung and danced like a girl.
Bart: Eep.

Lisa: That was pretty bad Bart
but it could have been worse
you could have been carrying a sequined verse.
Bart: I hate to dance, and prance and sing.
That's really more of a Milhouse thing.
Marge: I think you move like a young Baryshnikov.
Snake: Nobody move, or I'll blow your heads off.
Alle: Ohh.
Snake: Ohh.

Marge: It's a desperate criminal on the run from the law
please spare my children.
Homer: And their damp-trousered pa.
Snake: A singing family
it's worse than I feared
for hostage purposes
you're just too weird. Bye!
Homer: See? All this singing scared him away
if we just talked like normal he'd probably stay.
Lisa: Many people in this town sing like we do.
There's Mr. Burns, there's Krusty, and even Apu.

Lisa: Because he was singing
we overheard his plan
and could save those dogs from that mean old man.
Bart: It still wasn't worth
Burns, a song and dance.
Snake: I'm back so resume
wetting your pants.
Homer: OK.
Snake: Because of you all I've got a tune in my head
and the only way to stop it is to make you all dead.

Snake: Say your prayers, and then it's kablamo.
Uh-oh, I'll be back when I get some ammo. Bye!
Homer: Even the criminals are beginning to croon.
Marge: Homey, this whole town runs on a tune.
Our churches, our clubs, our government too.
Bart: Springfield swings like a pendulum do.
Lisa: We can't even get any local laws passed
without everyone singing... like a big broadway cast.

Homer: All right Marge
you've convinced me
there are more terrible things
than musical comedies where everyone sings.
Lisa: There is something worse.
Bart: And it really does blow.
Alle: When a long running series does a cheesy clip show!
Snake: I'm back to commit phelonious assault
because your infernal singing
just would not halt.

Und nun alle singen und tanzen

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