Grown Up Hallowen

Sideshow Mel: The children are all sleeping.
Not one kiddie on the streets.

Bernice: The fun's just starting for mommy and daddy.
Sexy tricks...

Bernice/Dr. Hibbert: ...and boozy treats.

Krusty: Drunken Hobbits
hit on slutty crayons.
Policemen dressed as bondaged Frankenstein!

Moe: Your kid's teacher
in a steampunk orgy. Ha!
Grown ups become monsters after nine.

Alle: It's time for Grown Up Halloween!
Close your eyes if you're under eighteen.

Luann: It's my chance to show boobs!

McBain: Live my fantasy-y-y...

Willie: ...because tomorrow morning...

Alle: ...we won't remember a thi-i-ing!
Our lives are awful and dreary
so tonight, we're going way way way way way too far!
Hide your kids. This cannot be unseen.
It's naked, wasted, grown up

Barney: Halloween!


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