You're a Bunch of Stuff

Homer: You took a twenty karat diamond and made it gleam
Like a big spaghetti dinner smothered in whip cream.
Comic Book Guy: You're like X-Men number three in a Mylar bag.
Snake: You're a brand new muscle car and all the wheels are mag.
Mr. Burns: You make me feel as young as the blood I get from sheep.
Cpt. McCallister: You're like Jacqueline Bisset in my favorite film, "The Deep".
Moe: You're sexy and exotic like a hooker from Belize.
Dr. Hibbert: Or a patient with insurance whose crawling with disease.
Männer: You're a sundae underneath two great big cherries.
Marge: Keep in mind they're only temporaries!
Männer: Here we'd like to say that we are very, very glad to see you
Quimby: And I decree you...
...The hottest thing to hit this city since the fire that killed eleven... dangerous criminals!
Alle: Hooray!
Homer: And they're all mine.

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