Rachel, gesprochen: This is a love song about dude I met in a sleazy motel...
A dude named God!

Rachel: In a motel room in Delacroix
I was drinking like a Dartsmouth boy
and thinkin' 'bout the wrong turns that I took.
Well I woke up on the puke green floor
and opened up a dresser drawer
lookin' for a bottle but instead I found a book.

Rachel: A book about a man
a book about the dude who lives above.
A book about a man
who drives a pickup full of sweet, sweet love.

Rachel: Now if you think he doesn't care
or maybe that he isn't there
it's not too late to see how wrong you are.
So when your soul has gone astray
just let God be your triple-A
he'll tow you to salvation and he'll overhaul your heart!

Ned Flanders: Wieder allein

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